Community Blog: Online Dating Dictionary


Community Blog: Online Dating Dictionary

If you ask me, online dating is the romantic equivalent of eating at Denny’s: they give you a menu full of tantalizing photos and enticing descriptions, but that Grand Slam breakfast sitting in front of you never looks quite as good as the one on the menu. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t ever enjoy a meal at Denny’s. You just have to realize that the menus may stretch the truth somewhat. The same goes for online dating. Any social reject can figure out that people exercise plenty of factual calisthenics in their online profiles. To that end, I’ve compiled my own list of the most overused online dating aphorisms I’ve come across, and the not-so-scrumptious, not-quite-as-appetizing truths behind them. I present to you my unabridged, unabashed, online dating dictionary....

Translating Men: What They Say and What They Mean


1. I’m new to the whole online dating thing.......... My online dating virginity grants me immunity to be a total jackass at any time during our impending courtship process.

2. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say here.......... Please excuse me while I now describe myself in the most inane, generic, and clichéd way possible. Hey, I’m new to the whole online dating thing.

3. I’m pretty laid back and chill.......... I have no ambitions in life and am stoked that sitting on my ass, watching TV is now an activity known as “chillin’.”

4. I’m a total smart-ass........... I will cover up for my lack of actual wit by belittling anything and everything you say.

5. I’m over the bar and club scene.......... I’m starting to figure out that girls only flirt with me to get free drinks.

6. I’m looking for a girl with a good head on her shoulders.......... I’m looking for a girl with a good vagina between her legs and an even better set of breasts on her chest, but admitting thusly will guarantee that I have zero chance of finding out if you are said girl.

7. I’m looking for someone who’s real and genuine.......... Plastic blow-up dolls need not apply. Got one already.

8. I’m looking for an open-minded individual.......... I’m currently dating eight other girls and hope you’re open to being my ninth.

9. My body type = athletic and toned.......... I play kickball in a local adult recreational sports league. Sometimes, I even put my beer down before I get up to the plate.

10. My height = 5’9”.......... I’m 5’9” when I wake up the morning after a particularly foul night of drunken debauchery, my hair having grown into a three-inch-tall fermenting faux-hawk of sweat and dried gel.

Translating Women: What They Say and What They Mean

1. My friend convinced me to do this.......... My overbearing sense of pride is unable to reconcile the fact that I’m looking for dates online, so I’m laying the blame on my one friend who might once have made a passing comment about online dating... or dating... or something about being online.

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