Think Your Way To Better Sex


brain better sex
Your state of mind affects your response in the bedroom. How your brain can improve your sex life.

You can't go on vacation all the time, but you can spend $50 on a cheap motel. "A hotel room is one of the things that take you out of your environment," Dr. Laino says. "You're not thinking about the past and the future." The change of scenery can distract you from your everyday worries. Hotel Offers Rebate For Getting Pregnant

2. Let Obama handle the economy.
We're all concerned about money and job security, but you have to stop these stressors from disrupting your sex life. Only let yourself worry about them for thirty minutes a day and no more. Soon, this designated "worry period" will allow your brain to relax more easily in bed.


3. Schedule relaxation time with your partner.
After you've finished with your window of fretting, it's time to relax with your partner. Taking just thirty minutes or an hour after the kids have gone to bed helps you stay connected and increases happiness, which will make your romps more rewarding.

4. Let the kitchen stay messy.
Trick yourself into realizing it's OK to skip a chore by leaving the dishes in the sink overnight. The house and your life don't fall apart, do they? The more often you let yourself off the hook, the less your brain will nag you. Chores for Two: Why Men Don't Pitch In

5. And speaking of food, have dinner on the floor—preferably naked.
Doing everyday tasks differently is another way to get out of your element, which helps recreate the excitement you felt when you first fell in love and couldn't get enough of each other.

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