Kick Your F-Buddy Habit & Find Love


Kick Your F-Buddy Habit & Find Love

Maybe she’s just looking for someone to dance with. Translation:
Maybe the reason why she can never find what she wants is because she
doesn’t know what she wants. Or does, but is afraid of it. I guess what
it all comes down to is this. In order to find someone worthy of you,
that fits, you have to know what you really want and decide to white
knuckle it until you get it.

This means not allowing yourself to get side tracked or deluding
yourself. We all like a little fun here and there and have the right to
pursue that fun. We all love the idea of having options. But continue
to rely on this idea of endless supply of possibilities and you will
find yourself, like the cheese, standing alone. Now, maybe that’s okay
by you. (Though , if it were, I don’t think you’d have read this far.)
Perhaps you are perfectly content with your life as a swinging single.
More power to you. But don’t let this fear of looking weak prevent you
from being honest with yourself about what it is you truly want.


It’s funny. Women will casually and freely announce that they’re
just looking to get laid and will go and do so. For some reason, that’s
considered empowering. Yet admitting that you’d like to have a partner
or that you feel life would be that much better if you had someone to
share it with for some reason is frowned upon and makes us look needy
or desperate. Don’t buy in to that. Because if you tell yourself that
too often and for too long, you’ll start to believe it, and then
everybody you attract will bring with them that same kind of fear. The
only way to find what you’re looking for is to first be honest with
yourself about what that is. And then sticking to that game plan.

Nobody is saying you can’t break loose every so often. But F-Buddies
are like pretzels. You can’t stop at just one. And pretty soon you’ll
have a string of lovers in your wake because you’ve spent so much time
hiding behind or settling for that, that you won’t know what you want



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