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Prescription for Heartbreak


Prescription for Heartbreak

Anyone who's experienced heartbreak knows how tough it can be. (I once likened it to having your heart ripped out while still breathing). ;) But I question whether specifically treating heartbreak-related depression is the right approach.

Despite being wealthy, famous and seemingly well-connected, Alexa Ray Joel reached a place so dark she nearly arrived at a point of no return. She wants other women to know there is always proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. But is putting heartbreak-related depression into a separate category helpful? If we isolated depression by form (family-related, work-related, etc.), we would never have enough therapists to treat us!

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Further, heartbreak can inspire useful introspection and lasting growth. If we learn the tools to better withstand life's disappointments we can combat these challenges. In fact, we may be able to avoid some altogether. What are the tools? Life lessons defined by a single word: positivity.

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