Men are WAY Better than Sex Toys


Men are WAY Better than Sex Toys

3.      Sex toys don’t respond to me.  Most people, including me, get turned on by
seeing or feeling the arousal of their partner. 
They get the job done, but it’s not nearly as fulfilling as the real
thing.  It’s kind of like eating tofu
instead of a big, juicy steak.

4.      A sex toy has one skill.  If it’s a vibrator, it vibrates.  If it’s a cream or lotion, it either tingles
or warms.  It’s one-dimensional. 


5.      Sex toys can’t talk.  Whether it’s talking over coffee, or asking
me if I like it like THAT during sex, I love talking with my man.

6.      Most importantly, as Pinkee has said,
there’s nothing quite like a hot, hard, attached-to-a-man penis.  The rest of the package is just as delightful
as the cock to me.  Your hands, your
mouth, the expression on your face when I do THAT… mmmm. 

Men are
amazing.  Not only will you never be
replaced by sex toys, but you’re essential to life in general.  I appreciate so many things about men.  From the way you’re handy with tools to the
ways you show your love, and everything in between. 

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