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Young & don't need love


I am a young girl who is soon to be 21, and on my journey to my last year in school. Out of the three years I've been in school I talked to many boys but, they never went anywhere besides just talking! Most of the time I just met them out of spite and we found we're attracted to one another. But it always seems as if they're attracted to me in a way I'm not to them. Therefore, I become disappointed and decide this isn't worth my time. I'm the type of girl that has a close relationship with my mother so, I tell her a lot including the boys that I talk to. Seems she get's a little too happy and decide to tell others. I come home for a break and everyone's asking about the boy as if we're together. I have my old school auntie's who thinks it's about time I had a boyfriend because I'm in college. I'll never forget one thanksgiving break my aunt told me: You're a pretty girl, do you have a boyfriend? My answer was no. She asked me: well what are you waiting on?! Don't you think it's about time you get one? I was dumbfounded after she asked me that question and I believed someone saw the expression on my face and dragged her along with them to leave me in my lost world. I couldn't understand why it was time for me to get a boyfriend. I was only 18 at the time!! What I'm trying to get at here is I'm young and I don't have to go looking for love at a set time in my life! When it comes, it'll be there and I'll know! Yes, I do wish I could be in a stable relationship right now but, it's just not meant to be obviously because I've been flying solo all of my college life. You'll only get a college experience once in your life and I'm enjoying mines single and all. Besides, the boys now-a-days in college are just looking for playtime because they feel that their life is too busy for a woman. I don't know about others but if you're too busy for this chick then it won't work because just how I'll give you my time, I would want you to do the same. If I cant be apart of your priorities than I can't be you're girlfriend!


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