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The actor talks about his preference for East Coast ladies and the one white lie he tells his wife.

If your love life were a song title, what would it be? London Calling

On what occasion do you lie to your wife? I don't lie that often. Maybe to say "only one more beer and I'll be right home" (laughs). White Lies In Relationships


Really? No white lies? No creative answers to "do you think she's pretty?" or "do I look fat in this?" If she asked questions like that she wouldn't be my wife.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes, I kind of do. More fate than love at first site. I think most men could walk down the street and fall in love over and over again with every beautiful girl they saw.

How are American girls different then British girls? You know, I don't really know, but I can say I really do like Southern girls. They're great fun! Overall, I prefer East Coast women, but all English women seem to be a bit more confident in the bar scene than American women.

What three words would your wife use to describe you? Good God. "He's alright." Ha. I wouldn't get a glowing reference. Maybe: "Funny, sometimes drunk."

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