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It's A Girl For Matthew McConaughey


The bongo drummer beats out a happy rhythm in celebration.

It's official, Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves welcomed their second child together. Writing on his official web site today, the proud papa shared the news:

Happy New Year everybody!!! O Sunday, Jan. 3rd at 12:13am, Camila gave birth to a healthy 7lb. 7oz. baby girl named "Vida Alves McConaughey" ...

"Vida" is Portuguese for "life" and that's what God gave us this morning... Camila's recovering wonderfully and we are both truly honored to welcome this little lady into our family...

thanks for all of your well wishes and prayers along the way, another blessed day, we give thanks.

just keep livin,

Matthew and Camila

Photo via Fame Pictures.



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