Community Blog: Why Do Quality Women Fall For Substandard Men?

By YourTango

Community Blog: Why Do Quality Women Fall For Substandard Men?

She ditched Troy the next day. It's been six months and she claims not to even feel the cravings. Does she miss these guys? Not really. Was she tempted to reignite the flame with the bartender when she ran into him a few weeks ago? Nah. Did she ask out the sexy dreadlocked guy on our bus who's reading the Dummy's Guide to raising ferrets? Nope.  

Call it progress.


I'm trying to learn from Kim’s example. Examine my own pattern and, like a bad tooth, extract it before the rot seeps too deeply into the root. Nothing wrong with artists and thinkers or men with tattoos, as long as they're doing something purposeful with themselves. As long as they've dug themselves out from the emotional holes everyone falls into now and then. Walking along the edges and margins certainly makes life a more interesting journey. Though, how far are you going to get with a cripple as a guide? 

So in 2010, I'm joining Kim in resolving to no longer date bad boys and meanies and men who have lint for brains. I will no longer become enchanted by a guy with a Texas-sized ego or the relating skills of a turnip. Emotional dysfunction may be thrilling. But the ride rarely ends without somebody barfing.  

Here's to a happier, healthier 2010!

**Reprinted from Laura K. Warrell's blog Tart&Soul at

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