6 Celeb Couples We'd Like To See In 2010


Jennifer Aniston and Hugh Grant
This could be the year some single celebrities find love—and we’d like to help!

Jason Segel and Lizzy Caplan - Jason has been quite the serial dater since his breakout hit Forgetting Sarah Marshall painted him as the sweet, sensitive type. But he's turning 30 this year, and the eterna-bachelor lifestyle may start to wear thin. We don't think he should necessarily start thinking about settling down, but he could at least try for some type of committed relationship. He probably needs a girl like him—someone outgoing who likes to party and have fun. But we're hoping those rumors about him hooking up with Lindsay Lohan were just that. She's likes to party TOO much. No, Jason would be better off with LiLo's Mean Girls co-star, Lizzy "Janis Ian" Caplan. Jason and Lizzy actually played a couple once before on Freaks & Geeks, although his character wasn't really into hers. But since Jason couldn't make it work with his F&G ex Linda Cardellini (neither on- nor off-screen), perhaps he should give his second choice a second try.

David Cook and Kelly Clarkson - These two American Idol favorites haven't had much luck in the romance department. That, or they're just really good at keeping their respective relationships quiet—aside from David's brief fling with Kimberly Caldwell. But David and Kelly seem like a perfect match. They're both the same age, have similar musical tastes and styles, and were raised with down-home, old-fashioned values (David is from Missouri and Kelly is from Texas). These two could make beautiful music together, both on and off the pop charts. But there is one thing they should never do together: a From David To Kelly movie. Yikes.

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