7 Worst Couples of 2009


Michael Lohan Jon Gosselin gross
You've seen the best. Now here's the rest.

Happy 2010, everyone! We hope your New Year's Eve was successful and involved some making out. Before we head full-steam into the new year, we're taking a look back at some of 2009's most odious celebrity couplings. If we forgot any, please leave them in the comments (and tell us whom you snogged at midnight).

Jon Gosselin & Michael Lohan

The charter members of the Bad Dads Club really outdid themselves this year. Jon cheated on his wife with her plastic surgeon's daughter, stole money from his family, and committed Ed Hardy–related fashion crimes. Michael sold voice mails from his troubled daughter to the tabloids, failed to pay child support for like the eight billionth month in a row, and abused his girlfriend. We would not cry if they both fell into a volcano. Joblessness Is Very Bad For Family Health

Heidi & Spencer Pratt

They wrote a reprehensible book called How To Be Famous (well..."wrote." We don't think they wrote it any more than Sarah Palin wrote hers) and acted like blithering idiots on NBC's ill-advised I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. She tortured the Miss Universe audience with what she thinks is a song and dance number. He grew a nasty flesh-colored beard. Can 2010 please be the year of people who are famous for having skills, rather than for being crass, mean, obnoxious, and omnipresent? Please? 6 Men We'd Enroll In Tool Academy

Alex Rodriguez & Kate Hudson

Yeah, we just really don't like the Yankees. And Bride Wars was an abomination. Hope you two enjoyed all that banging! Who Should Kate Hudson Date Next?