4 Types Of Infidelity & How Affairs Help Marriage


4 Types Of Infidelity & How Affairs Help Marriage
Infidelity can actually help a marriage. Find out how.

Right about now you're probably thinking this is one messed up dude who's just making excuses for cheating. But Formica qualifies his analysis:

The "good" that might come out of an affair is clearly not the affair or its potential consequences. But, as I often say, everything is material for change. If we look at our choices and examine ourselves in an honest and forthright way, we just might find one of the keys to prompt our own evolution. That evolution might lead us back to a more authentic relationship with our primary relationship, or it might lead us to a more authentic understanding of ourselves that leads us away from that primary relationship. Either way, there is positive growth.

Readers, what do you think? Can infidelity ever lead to positive change? Or is the damage wrought by cheating too harmful to ever be good? 

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