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Fred Armisen and Elisabeth Moss Engaged

Fred Armisen

The SNL and Mad Men stars are planning to tie the knot.

Those of you who love Mad Men and SNL will rejoice in the streets on this one. In what seems to be a match made in television heaven, Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen is now engaged to AMC’s Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss. Didn’t even know they were dating? Neither did we. Talk about keeping things under wraps. Elisabeth recently spilled the beans in passing on the red carpet, saying, "It happened just a few days ago. It's private, so I don't want to share the details of how it happened, but I will say it was perfect." No further details are available on a wedding or anything else but we’re thrilled for the happy couple and wish them the very best.

Although, truthfully, this would be a wedding we think everyone would want to attend. The SNL and Mad Men casts at a wedding? Yeah, we got kind of excited thinking about it, too!

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