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Morning Quickie: Relationship Status Vultures

Heartbreak, Self

When he changes his status to "single," dead ex-boyfriends, and new views on empty nest syndrome.

The morning quickie: the perfect way to start your day. Read on for three interesting love and sex tidbits.

New term: Relationship Status Vulture. These conniving birdies swoop in when they see someone's status change to "single" to offer condolences... and perhaps a shoulder to cry—or kiss—on.  [Lemondrop]

"Empty nest syndrome," feeling sad when your kids leave home, may not be so bad afterall. [New York Times]

A growing body of research suggests that the phenomenon has been misunderstood. While most parents clearly miss children who have left home for college, jobs or marriage, they also enjoy the greater freedom and relaxed responsibility.

Talk about complicated: this woman's ex just died, and she feels relieved. Is she a horrible person? [Dear Sugar]


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