Single Parents Are Sexy, Too!


single dad
The Bachelor and other TV shows bring the single parent dating experience to the masses.

As some have pointed out that black-positive TV shows like The Cosby Show, and celebrities like Oprah, helped pave the way for President Barack Obama to be elected, so, too, might be the case for single parents. The uphill battle that singles fight is not in the same league as the challenges of the civil rights movement. But, shows like Brothers & Sisters, Two and a Half Men, and this season of The Bachelor might continue altering our country's subconscious so that employers, lenders, and potential dates associate even fewer red flags with divorced or single moms and dads.

The Brady Bunch showed that remarried families were just like all the others—but billed Mike as a widower and left Carol's past ambiguous. Parents who are single for other reasons need their cultural icons, too.

*Specifically, the "group date" involved the women casting their breasts out of plaster to raise money for breast cancer research. Will next season of The Bachelorette have men performing a similar activity for prostate or testicular cancer? Our guess is... no.

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