Throwing A Sci-Fi Theme Wedding


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A recent sci-fi wedding took place in Florida with a Halo theme, throw your own.

What do you get when you put together a system that allows anyone to get a license to perform weddings, a permissive culture, a hit video game and a couple of geeks in love? You get a Halo – themed wedding. According to, Desirai Labrada and John Henry were wed last weekend (the 17th of January) in a wedding featuring costumes, decorations and accoutrements reminiscent of the smash-hit Xbox game Halo.

The MC was dressed as the cyborg (part man, part maniac, all hero) protagonist of the Halo series, the Master Chief. I'll spare you some of the detes but Labrada and Henry wish to be referred to as "teammates for life" (slightly better than "buddies for life," I say) and the good people at Microsoft (the purveyors of Xbox), supplied the bride and bridegroom with Halo-ish tchotchkes.


The excitement nearly ended when the entire wedding party was called away to defend humanity from an imminent invasion by an ultra-powerful alien swarm with a single weak point which only a single, true hero can exploit. That, that didn't happen but I'm willing to bet that everyone had his (or her for the one girl) plasma rifle charged and ready to rock.

Anyone out there ever been to one of these sci-fi-themed? I reported back in the old Daily Dish space about a Star Wars – themed wedding which was off the tractor beam. But, the only problems with a heavy – themed wedding are A) budgeting; and B) staying within canon.

Budgets are a continual problem for all weddings, even one's themed "Time Of Our Lives" and "Enchantment Under The Sea," but the sci-fi wedding budget is to the Cinderella – themed wedding budget what the sci-fi movie budget is to the romantic comedy budget. What that remedial SAT scenario meant to say was, sci-fi weddings, done right, are expensive. Everyone wants to have a Darth Vader ice sculpture but typically have to settle for a Jabba the Hutt Jello mould. And the fiscal problems don't end with the actual marrying couple.

Guests feel the pinch too. Do you know how expensive and/ or time-consuming it is to kit yourself out in full Klingon ceremonial regalia? I don't either but it's got to be a lot and you can always tell who's skimped on the little touches.

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