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Axe Body Spray
Axe works, Bromance is weird, avoid dating mistakes & first date movies.

Before I get into it, I know that an all-links post is relatively lazy, but some of my fellow relationships writers really knocked it out of the park the last few days. And there is some news out there that is too important to miss and too trivial to get its own column.

First of all, ladies hold onto your underpants because according to Asylum, the Axe Effect is real (it's the male orgasm that’s the myth). The men's body spray evidently makes men more confident / sexy rather than having some pheromone power. Feel free trade in that Corvette for a bottle of lady-killer and you'll appeal to the tree-hugger broads too. Asylum kicks in a bunch of other info on the relationship between scents and sex-ability but curiously don't tell us why there are no fugly dudes in the Axe commercials.


Finally, someone is as weirded out by Bromance as me. Esquire's list of blogs runs through the least heterosexual momemnts on Brody Jenner's BFF quest. All I'm saying is that it's perfectly natural for a couple of straight dudes to sing songs about each other and periodically take a naked hot tub together. Everyone knows that. And if they have to share a bed because it's scary outside, that's fine too.

Lemondrop tries to point out how to avoid making major dating mistakes over and over. Eventually they come to the realization that you can't. So, it's really more of an affirmation. "You're good enough, smart enough and, doggone it, everyone thinks that her phone must be broken because call when he said he would."

Reuters reports that there is a Masters level class in flirting in the IT school at Potsdam University in Berlin. The class teaches computer dudes to flirt by text message, look cool and handle rejection. Mystery, I'd guess, is planning a lawsuit. "Your honor, see Exhibit A, the neg. I invented this and the staff at Potsdam University have dubbed it die Verneinung in total disregard for international copyright law. Did I mention that they've suggested that all of their students wear ridiculous hats to engaged in pfau-ing?" Nerds.

Both Em And Lo are on a new website, reasonably called (it must have been a real battle for that URL). This time around they focus their unique brand of sexy girl power to the old problem of bar room neglect. They advise to take the bull by the horns and B E A G G R E S S I V E. Buy that guy a drink, tell him you like his Atari t-shirt and see where the night takes you. I love this advice, as a dude (and a coward), it's nice to have the onus of rejection on someone else's shoulders.

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