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Who knows relationship issues better than those who have been through them?

Qualified therapists can tell you what science and history have to say about various relationship issues.  But who knows more than someone who has been through the same exact issue as you?  I am, by no means, discouraging therapy as it’s an incredibly valuable tool for a healthy life.  However, there is tremendous value in a personal understanding of raw human behavior as it relates to a specific situation.  And by that I can be extremely helpful to talk to someone who has "been there".  We know that relationships can be very complicated and situations can get very specific.  Our goal at YourTango is to help you find each other and connect around common relationship issues (good and bad).  Comment, rate comments, use our forums and meet people who share your views and experiences.  Learn, share, connect and affirm...because after all, you are the experts.


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