Inside The Mind Of A Sex Addict


Sex addiction
The New York Times tackles sex addition. It's much darker than you may think.

Many of us have probably had a month (or three) where our sex appeal and appetite are so voraciously on fire that we'll (half jokingly) wonder, "Am I a sex addict?"

Then the well will dry. Months will pass. And the question turns into a mocking shadow of itself. ("Am I sex-repellent?" seems more appropriate).


Such musings aren't cute little time-fillers for the writer of this week's New York Times Modern Love piece. An in-and-out of treatment center sex addict, Benoit Denizet-Lewis succinctly and swiftly crushes any romanticized "pop-psychology" views anyone may have of a person so swimming in sex he knows nothing of "dry spells."

Excerpted from a chapter in his book, "America Anonymous: Eight Addicts in Search of a Life" Denizet-Lewis would often cruise Internet sites looking for sex and then blow off any type of responsibility to get it. He lost jobs, boyfriends, friends and entire years of his life where he couldn't for the life of him sign off of the Internet. His affliction for porn and chat rooms were so eyebrow-raising that he installed Internet blocking software (the type parents use for children). That tactic didn't work out too well. He soon just went ahead and bought another computer.

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