The Best Of Tomfoolery 2009


The Best Of Tomfoolery 2009
We all grew together and learned more about me in the 2009-er.

This guy has had a few Hollyweird crushes in his stretch on Earth but the alpha (and possibly the omega) of his love-jones is one Winnie Cooper. Kelly Kapowski is pretty rad too. Read: AMan And His Winnie Cooper



Sometimes just because a guy doesn't seem interested doesn't mean he doesn't think you're hot stuff. On occasion, he's really cool. Once in a while, he's just a serious dill-hole. But most of the time, he's really shy. Decode his actions, enchant him and wear his boxer shorts on the weekends. Read: 5 Shy-Guy Pick-Up Moves

Sometimes, even the best of us do things that float in the ether between classless and blatantly dickish. Once in a while, it's an oversight. Most of the time, it's just bad manners. Clearly, I have very strong feelings on social graces, especially regarding wedding gifts. Read: When You Must Return Wedding Gifts

And, finally, I'm always the first to say, "I love you." In a relationship. With a person I really dig. And I'm OK with that because I listened to this sunscreen commencement speech many times. (Also, some doctors aren't so sure absorbing sunscreen is a good idea). Read: I'm Always The First To Say "I Love You"

Looking back, I had a sweet-sweet year if this was all I had to complain about. Here's to an even gym-dandier 2010.

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