Dating Myths Single Women Continue To Fall For


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The lies women tell themselves are worse than the deceptions they may encounter while dating.

4.  He's teasing you because he likes you.
"While it may have been true for young boys, still developing emotionally and sexually, a grown man who tries to put you off balance with verbal sparring on the first few dates doesn't really care that much about you—or is playing games, which, in my book, amount to the same thing," Carrao says. It seems like a pretty big leap to compare "teasing" with "verbal sparring." In my mind, a little teasing is like flirting, and people flirt because they're interested. There's a difference between friendly teasing and nasty belittling, and I would hope grown women know the difference. The Frisky: 13 Ways To Compliment A Woman

5.  It doesn't matter what night he wants to see you—Thursday, Friday, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, whatever—only THAT he wants to see you.
"If he's not seeing you on Saturday, he's seeing someone else—or looking for someone he WOULD want to see on Saturdays, and every other day, in perpetuity." I pretty much agree with this, though if a man works on Saturday night, he sort of has an excuse. But yeah, if a guy only wants to see you for booty calls late at night, he's not really interested in you as a girlfriend, and it's time to move on, sister, if what you want is a boyfriend. The Frisky: I Found Condoms In My Boyfriend's Bag!


Next week, Carrao promises to share five more dating-related rules women tell themselves. Any guesses what they might be?

Written by Wendy Atterberry for The Frisky

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