When Is The Most Convenient Time To Break Up?


When Is The Most Convenient Time To Break Up?
Should you plan breakups or just get them over with?

Here's a third breakup for you to consider: a "planned" breakup gone awry. I know a couple that "accidentally" ended their engagement a few weeks ago and I say "accidentally" because the dump-er had planned to wait until after the holidays to do it. But somehow, the dumpee figured out the dumper's plan, flipped out, and ended the engagement first. What a mess! The Frisky: A Woman Deals With Getting Dumped For The Holidays
Ending a relationship—especially an engagement—is unpleasant under any circumstances. But it's got to be painful to discover your fiancé was faking his happiness on Christmas and New Year's Eve. How humiliating for the dumpee, to know all those holiday presents and parties and pictures taken together had an expiration date! That's how I felt with Bachelor #1—why did he even bother inviting me onto the boat as if we were having a date? Couldn't he have just dumped me at a coffee shop, or even over the phone? The Frisky: Breaking Up With Multiple Boyfriends

In the long run, even the best laid plans don't assuage the pain of the person being dumped. So, really, what's the point? The Frisky: The One That Got Away


Written by Jessica Wakeman for The Frisky

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