Making a Move at Midnight


Making a Move at Midnight

This will bring you closer to meeting other faith-based marriage-minded singles looking to meet someone too.

Here Comes Santa Claus

Being single during the Christmas season doesn’t get any better than for those looking to meet someone at night.  Beginning on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) and extending through December 25th, stores remain open late with some of the bigger department stores staying open 24 hours.  This is a great way to get your Christmas shopping done while meeting those of Christian faith at the same time.  Most single women know that the best way to meet a man is to shop in the men’s department.  This season, get that good-looking strangers advice on the sweater you just picked out for dad while you are chatting about how you’ll both be celebrating the religious holiday.  If you are daring enough, you could even suggest shopping for Christmas gifts as a unique idea for a date.  You could both check things off your list while getting advice on presents for your parents or siblings.


It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

When we think of dating after midnight, most of us conjure up negative images.  However, there are appropriate date ideas that take place when others are sleeping.  It’s a matter of doing a little research to find out what exists in your area.  Those that take place in most areas of the country include midnight bowling (also known as Rock-n-bowl), late-night movies, working out together at the gym, playing pool at a local pool hall, or enjoying a comedy show together.  If your city doesn’t feature any of these fun ideas at night take a drive around the city or town in which you live admiring the Christmas decorations.  If all else fails, it’s never cliché to ask a date out for a small treat to eat.  At midnight, you could opt for a late-night dessert, or yummy cup of hot chocolate.

Lori Bizocoo is a writer living in Brooklyn, NY.  She is currently working on her memoir-in-progress, Single to Baby.


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