Making a Move at Midnight


Making a Move at Midnight

By Lori Bizocco for

For those of Christian faith, the thought of meeting someone new or going on a date at midnight while the majority of people are sleeping can tempt our moral values by inviting sexual immorality, drinking and corruption of judgment.  You’ve heard the saying, “Nothing good happens after midnight.”  That statement resonates even stronger for those who are religious.  Bars and nightclubs seem to be the main attraction during this “witching hour,” but these venues are not appropriate for those of faith.

So, why even consider going out on a date or trying to find someone special after midnight?  For many people, there isn’t much of a choice.  With the downturn of the economy, more people are taking odd jobs, working longer hours and doing what they can to survive.  Others are working overnight shifts and finding it hard to meet someone at hours when society, peers and the church would deem appropriate.


If you are caught in a Cinderella-like situation, don’t despair when the clock-strikes midnight.  There are ways to make a move even when the sun has settled.  Following are a few appropriate late-night date ideas to try out this holiday season:

Oh Holy Night!

Christians know that one of the holiest days of the entire liturgical year (second to Easter) is December 25th.  It’s also a time when most churches hold midnight mass for their patrons to worship Christ on this feast of his nativity.  At this time, millions of Christians will gather in the house of the Lord.  Midnight Mass is a unique way to enjoy a date or it could be an opportunity to meet someone new during this happy time of the year.  Only one week later is a celebration for the New Year; another momentous and acceptable occasion to celebrate with someone special after midnight.  Instead of gathering at the local pub or getting caught up in the commotion of wild parties and drinking, find out what organized activities are happening through your local congregation for single Christians.