Of Hair and Love

Of Hair and Love

I've noticed a pattern in all of the breakups that I have initiated: They seem to happen after I've done something drastic to my hair.

I had just chopped my signature waist-length hair to a sassy layered 'do just before my divorce.  Recently, I went from a mousy brown to a fabulous auburn, and broke up with my live-in boyfriend of two years just a few days later.

It seems that I'm not the only one who does this, either.  Most recently, when Anne Hathaway found out about her four-year boyfriend's legal troubles, she shed the man, and shed inches off of her mane as well.  In the movie Waiting to Exhale, Angela Basset's character Bernadine chopped her long tresses into a more modern pixie cut after her husband left her for another woman. 

Ending a relationship can mean losing part of one's identity.  For two years, I was a wife; when I had finally taken enough mental and emotional abuse, I shed the weight of my hair and the weight of the abusive marriage in the same month.  Two weeks ago, I was tired of being taken for granted and tired of being unhappy.  I made plans to move out and I now have a hair color that turns heads. 

What do you think?  Could a drastic hair change be a reflection of a life-changing relationship decision?  Is there a subconcious connection between cutting your locks and cutting ties?


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