Top 10 Love, Dating & Marriage Trends Of The 00s


love, dating, marriag trends
What dating and marriage trends did we follow in the 00s?

At the same time, five states legalized same-sex marriage (with only one, California, eventually overturning it), several cities and townships decided that gay marriage was legal within their limits regardless of what their states said, and over half a dozen nations around the world (ranging from Canada to South Africa) decided that vows were just as legitimate between two men or two women as they were between one of each.

10. Divorce Rates, While Still High, Continued To Decline
For much of the 2000s, we were told that traditional marriage was on its last legs, what with all the single ladies, gay couples (see #9) and, heaven help us, enormous divorce rates.


But here's the funny thing about the past decade. Despite all the hee-hawing we heard from "traditionalists" and "defenders of marriage," people who were married actually STAYED married in higher numbers than they had in years. In fact, by the tail end of 2009, divorce rates were the lowest they'd been in thirty years.

So, if you believe in love and marriage, that's at least one nice indicator we can put in our pockets as we head into the 2010s.

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