Top 10 Love, Dating & Marriage Trends Of The 00s


love, dating, marriag trends
What dating and marriage trends did we follow in the 00s?

4. Porn Went Mainstream
We were on our way to the porn store when we came across Jenna Jameson at Barnes and Noble. And Ron Jeremy on network TV. And Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks making a low-budget skin flick. And our copulating next door neighbors getting it on on our computers. In the 2000s, porn became as commonplace as high fructose syrup (and, thanks to food watchdogs, we came to know that stuff was everywhere). Porn: When It Helps & When It Hurts

5. We Overshared
We texted, emailed, and IMed our dates. We Friendstered, Facebooked and Twittered every feeling we had about them afterwards. We posted pictures of ourselves hugging men on Flickr and videos of ourselves kissing women on YouTube. We wrote revealing blogs about all the people we slept with and boring songs that we then posted on MySpace. Maybe we communicated a little TOO much in the 2000s. Yes, we probably did. Facebook Manners And You

5. We Learned He Just Wasn't That Into Us And That A Bunch Of Losers Thought We Were Part Of Their "Game"
Self-help books were as popular as ever in the 2000s, with one biggie offering up a dose of tough love and the other supposedly teaching men how to romantically manipulate us. Were their messages better or worse than what came before, or were they a lot of the same old same old? We're not sure. And for that matter, the authors might not be sure either. We'll figure it out some day—or we'll be too distracted by living life to worry about it. Top 10 Relationship Books Of The 00s

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