Top 10 Love, Dating & Marriage Trends Of The 00s


love, dating, marriag trends
What dating and marriage trends did we follow in the 00s?

It's hard, in the midst of things, to see our romantic interactions and feelings as mere trends. But our love lives and how we conduct them are, like everything else, conditioned in part by the time in which we live. Here are the top 10 love and relationship trends of the decade.

1. Online Dating Took Off
Ten years ago, online dating was pretty much just for losers. But last year, 80 percent of singles had gone online to find dates, according to Cosmopolitan.


2. We Wondered If We Were A Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte Or Miranda
Sex and the City was such a phenomenon in the early 00s, we had to ask ourselves: am I a Carrie (seemingly together, but really clueless), Samantha (sex-crazy and confident), Charlotte (optimistic and WASPy), or Miranda (fragile beneath a skeptical veneer)? Of course, many of us were more than just one.

3. We Grappled With The Concept Of "Friends With Benefits"
So you wanted to get it on, but you didn't want to deal with the hassles of courting or wooing or falling in love with another person? Enter "friends with benefits," the hottest way to get physical if you were a noncommittal young(ish) person in the 00s.

The scientists figured it all out: For guys (hetero- and homosexual guys), that meant simply sleeping with all the hotties in your friend circle, while avoiding the irksome hassles of jealousy and expectation. For heterosexual gals, more often than not, it meant convincing ourselves that a lot of our more subtle emotional needs were less important than our physical needs (but we often thought differently after we'd done it).

Sure, these are generalizations, but clearly many of the-so-called "friendships" that went down over the past decade left one half satisfied and the other still longing.