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Be Still and Breathe


I plan on talking to meine liebe, my love, tomorrow. With all this chaos swirling in my head I can barely handle myself without getting worked up. Meine liebe has always been good at listening so I feel like I can tell him the thoughts that are bothering me; I just have to go it with tact and intelligence.

With all the problems that have been bothering me lately, I honestly would love to start this game over with the same player, to forget all the insecurities I feel and try to revert back to the me I was when I was just so happy I thought I was dreaming.

I am so worried that I have already damaged our relationship beyond repairing but I am going to go into this with confidence and hope. I am going to be optimistic with an open mind to what he had to say and feel.

Most importantly, however, I am going to have to work on calming down my green-eyed monster, my low self-esteem and neediness, and let him know I am willing to change these things because I love him.


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