How To Start Anew In Your Relationship This Year


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Creative ways to conduct relationship maintenance under the guise of New Year's resolutions.

Making a clean start involves releasing the grievances that have been eating away at your relationship throughout the year and moving forward unencumbered. "A New Year always represents the chance for a fresh beginning. Yet because we all tend to drag our past baggage with us, it can be helpful to address some of the hurt feelings and resentment, so we can let go of those emotions instead of dumping them on our partners," Tucker says. To avoid bombarding your partner with negativity and criticism, she recommends journaling. Writing down feelings of hurt or resentment on paper will liberate you from that negativity and allow you to focus on positive change. SpatSolver—The Ultimate Argument Resolution Device

3. Mind your tone.
When opening up to your partner about things that bother you, make sure not to say, "You're doing this wrong," and instead say, "This is how I feel," Evan Marc Katz cautions. If you start by asking how you can improve, you set the tone for open dialogue and constructive criticism on both ends. Katz encourages being sympathetic to your partner's point of view: "So much of what goes wrong in relationship discussions has to do with the tone. It's not the content that's incorrect, it's the fact that it sounds like an accusation. And nobody wants to be told to change." 9 Things To Say During A Fight

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