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Lunching without him...


tis mornin, he started 2 tok 2 mi hee... i saw his happi smile lookin at his pc 1st dae in e mornin lol. he saw mi look so happi when enterin e office. so he asked mi y e new guy nv came and i felt so happi. i said 'aiya, u bluff mi 1 la lol'. den he said tt guy's comin in a few days. but i noe he stil joked wif mi la lol. he looked at mi mani x agn 2dae hee. i noe cos he gt turn his head c mi when i opened e door lol. mebe cos i wore nicenice 2dae ;p

he nv acc mi go lunch 2dae which puzzled mi alot. tho i was mentalli prep le. heng my fren was willing 2 do so. he reasoned he wan eat e curry rice at tt canteen. i kept tinkin alot cos i dun quite blive him leh. isit cos he's shy? he dun like 2 eat wif mi cos he dun lk bein alone wif mi? but at least he asked mi wan e cleaner 2 buy 4 mi? den he 4gt stil gt my fren 2 eat wif us. i jus asked my fren was he lk tt when workin wif her last tm? she said he gt eat wif her b4 leh :( i wonder y he treated mi differently haiz...

he had helped mi wif e tests agn b4 i went 4 lunch hee... so glad abt it lol. mebe cos our collic nt here so i gt chance 2 ask 4 his help more lol. den i realised he haven finished his lunch i tot he finished le so i asked him. but he stil so gd 2 mi hee... aft i asked him a few x le, he jokingly said dun wan help mi lol. den i said 'but thr's no1 thr le lol'. but he stil helped mi la lol. i dun dare sa jiao at him leh cos paiseh. mebe nx time? lol.

when it was time 2 go home, he asked mi abt nx thurs cos gt 1 uncle asked him. i said i dunno whether its cfmed n nt sure la. den he said i inefficient :( sad leh. being said bad things by some1 i admire lol. den i was tinkin if u like her, den go ask her cum bk lor :( den i asked him isit he wan eat nx thurs uh? he said no den said sth abt eatin biscuits? i cant reli hear tis cos his voice gt softer lol. den when i was steppin out of office, i asked he dun wan go home uh? tink he jus smiled or wat. den i was tinkin y he can ask mi but nt e oth way? :(

he nv replied my Fb msg leh. wonder will he ever reply tt. mebe he tinks its a silly qn lol. i hope he'l reply mi...


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