Who Is Kourtney Kardashian's Baby Daddy?

Kourtney Kardashian

Could Kourtney's random hook-up have actually fathered her child?

Star Magazine has a new report that Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend Scott Disick may not be the father of her son Mason, who was born on Monday. Although sister Khloe (who famously called Scott a "deadbeat") might be happy about this news, the alternative doesn't seem to be a much better father figure.

The mag claims that Michael Girgenti, a model and aspiring rapper (excuse us while we have a K-Fed flashback), who goes by the ridiculous name "Premo Stallone," was with Kourtney nine months ago and that they have "kinky pictures" to prove it.

A close friend of the Kardashian sisters confirmed they'd been intimate, saying: 'Kourtney hooked up with Michael twice while she and Scott were on the outs. He's definitely been mentioned as a possibility for being the father of her baby.'

Though a rep for Kourtney insists Scott’s the dad, when Star asked Michael if there’s a possibility he fathered the baby, he replied: 'You could say that, yeah.'  [Source: Starmagazine.com]

OK, Premo. You could say that, or you are saying that? 

Unless this Premo guy demands a paternity test, we'll just have to assume that Kourtney knows who her baby daddy is, and that the wannabe rapper is just looking for his 15 minutes.

Photo via FlynetPictures.com.


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