Best Gift For Guys: A New Experience


Finding physical gifts for him is a pain; try new experiences.

A phrase I hear often during the holiday season is, "He is soooo hard to shop for." That's partially by design. Read: How To Give Him The Best Gift He'll Ever Receive

Guys' gifts fall into two categories: practical and pricey. The practical gifts—belt sanders, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and running shoes—we tend to just buy on our own. The pricey gifts—a Tag Heuer Carrera, 52-inch LED Samsung televisions and Ford GT 40s—live on in our daydreams. Read: Men Love Their Toys, Too

There is a third group of gifts: The gifts we don't know we want. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what they are. You'll need to observe his routine to figure them out. Perhaps he likes tailgating and doesn't even know about the VuQube, a mobile satellite device. Maybe his back is mad-achy because his wallet, like George Costanza's, is stuffed with two years' worth of receipts, and torques his back when he sits. In which case, you can purchase him a slim wallet plus a scanner for the documents. Read: Gifts For Every Type Of Guy

But the best thing you can give a guy is a great experience. I once heard that Americans will read a book when they want to learn about something while Europeans will just do it. While that may be oversimplifying matters, the second way seems best.

A few things that guys seem to be into:


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