Why have women changed so much


I just cant figure out what the hell happened to all the good women that I used to date, I had a wife which I divorced 16 yrs. ago for cheating, I just lost my fiance of 2 yrs. who lived with me in my home for 5 yrs., because I got hurt on the job, had back surgery and this just happened in Feb. that she decided to say "I dont love you anymore", after buying the engagement ring 2 yrs. earlier, paid for half of her brand new car just last year, and we had picked out the wedding dress and set the date for April, now even though my back surgery was in 2006 and I settled in march of 2008 the doctor still refused to release me to go back to work, even though I was still looking for a job, during the recession ofcourse, well I couldnt find anything at all and she was an RN, Director of nurses, and did marketing for her company she was making an easy 70,000 a year, so, we lived off of my settlement and her income, which we always paid each half of the house bills and paid our personal bills ourself, I even had my house paid for in cash before I met her. Now she asked me to please take out a mortgage on my house to add on two bedrooms for her very young daughter and she would pay the bill even if we broke up! Well I did and did it in my name, trusting her more than my own mother, well Chistmas came in 2008 and I was about broke as hell, for the first time she had paid the bills for Jan.'09, by Feb. 10th she said she didnt love me anymore and that I would never find a job and left me in a puddle of tears, it's been 11 months now and I still havnt been able to be with another woman, crying myself to sleep all year, a month and a half after she left she was partying and had another boyfriend, so here I am still hurt and confused, havnt talked to her in 8 months! Up to date, I just started dating a good woman, I thought with a great daughter, come to find out she's bi-sexual and was seeing an older man, 23 yrs. older than her, what the hell is going on, all I see on the internet is lesbians and bi-sexual women, please, someone tell me what happened to the good ole fashioned women that I use to date just 11 yrs. ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    LOST and CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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