Redheads Need Love Too


Get to know a ginger today.

The sons and daughters of Achilles may be a tiny minority (said to be 1-2 percent of Earth's population) but we are a proud one. Laugh with us for our Seth Greens and Conan O'Briens, don't heckle as if we were all Carrot Tops. Enjoy the beauty of our Julianne Moores and Alyson Hannigans, don't recoil like we were all Lindsay Lohans. And put no stock in the notion that red hair will be extinct in three decades: we're here to stay. Next time you see a ginger and think he or she may look interesting, pull up a chair and get to know us, as a person…please don't ask if the rugs match the drapes, though, you wouldn't like us when we're angry.

I would like to point out, that though I'm a member of the strawberry-blonde sect, I rarely have romantic interest in other redheads; maybe I'm trying to spread our recessive gene, maybe I haven't found the right one or maybe a cruel world has turned me into a self-loathing ginger like many of the poor souls who have come before me. Here's hoping it's one of the first two, we have enough to deal with as is.

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