Why Your 20-Something Boyfriend Wants A Baby


men have biological clocks too
Five reasons men in their 20's may want children as much as women.

4. Don't underestimate the media, baby.
The total saturation of celebrity news and culture has tweaked our perception of reality a little. Between songs about being a baby daddy for multiple women while hitting the club every night, to images of still-scruffy, twentysomething-looking Brad Pitt jetsetting around the globe with his gorgeous tribe of hip kids and glamorous Sexiest Woman Alive domestic partner Angelina Jolie, fatherhood looks as footlosse and fancy-free as being a Frat boy. Last (Single) Man Standing

5. They loves you!
The absolute best manifestation of your union? A baby: a completely new life that you made, and love, together. 15 Signs You're Meant To Be