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7 is not 7, 7 is really 6


While I appreciate the intent of the article ( and I don't know when it was written) I could not help but comment on Faucet and O'Neal. The article was about 7 couples (examples?) of ongoing relationships. As noted by the writer Faucet is no longer with us, so there is only 6 couples highlighted here.  I believe the KeyWords were "untill death do us part". So this is not a couple anymore to qualify as 7 there are only 6 here.

Next Hollywood is SO out of control when it comes to relationships usually because they don't seem to understand SACRAFICING their own personal agendas, usually on both sides, (oh, and the money and fame that goes w/that), would probably keep couples together and we would not have to read this stuff on 7 rekindled love affairs (make that 6). These poor poeple will always suffer as they do, simple square peg round hole situation. why force it, get the honey while in the limelight, all for that, get out of the limelight (retire) get a partner, marry, LIVE happily everafter, as Hollywood was suposed to stand for. I really feel for these poor souls, but re-kindling never really has to happen, it is avoidable, for "love" we should be able to figure out what we have to do to "have things" that are truely meaningful. My apology to the editors, but COME ON MAN!!!!!


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