The Top 10 Sex Trends Of the '00s


The Top 10 Sex Trends Of the '00s
Sex came a long way from 2000 to today. Here's a look back at the decade's sexiest trends.

2005: The Year of Knocking Up Your Girlfriend
Guys have been knocking up their girlfriends for years. But in 2005, things kicked into high gear when A-listers and has-beens alike ended up in a family way minus the wedding rings.

Kicking off the trend were madly, tragically in-love Heath Ledger and Michille Williams, who conceived little Matilda Rose early in the year and delivered her in October. Maya Rudolph and boyfriend Paul Thomas Anderson conceived around the same time, producing daughter Pearl Baily.


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner weren't far behind, but unlike the other stars on this list, Ben made an honest woman of Jennifer shortly before Violet was born in December.

Brad Pitt then knocked up Angelina Jolie with the most beautiful baby in the world (Shiloh, born in spring 2006) and Tom Cruise inseminated Katie Holmes with little high heel-wearing Suri (also born in spring 2006).

Even D-listers like Geri Halliwell got in on the action. It was in late 2005 that the former Spice Girl found herself expecting with some guy named Sacha Gervasi. The baby (tragically named Bluebell) was born in 2006, but at that point, we were all too busy looking at pictures of Matilda and Shiloh to care.

2006: The Year Without Panties
Some things, on some people, are best left to the imagination. And those things can easily be covered up with an invention called underwear. But it seems that in 2006, many women in the world forgot about the existence of this invention, or at least wanted us to forget about it.

There was Lindsay Lohan, who was photographed sans panties, taking steps two at a time while gallivanting around Italy. Mariah Carey exited limos with legs widespread and underpants nowhere to be found. And on at least three separate incidents, Britney Spears showed off what the good lord gave her, regardless of how much we didn't want to see it.

Paris Hilton, again, started it all. Or at least, that's who we like to blame. It seems she didn't wear underpants at all in 2006. Or, at least not in any of the pictures we saw of her. We can only presume she wanted to ensure we didn't miss any part of her after her 2004 video.

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