I'm fairly new to this whole dating thing - which isn't to say I haven't had long term relationships with different men throughout my life - and as a young adult, late-twenties age person, I'm having a very hard time believing that people my age or older have no idea about common courtesy, manners, etc. . .

I've been on a few dates since moving here to Las Vegas and I'm wondering if maybe it's just me, my luck, the town, or the failure of humanity in general that is making me very sad in a 'in the pants' kind of way. It seems as though my social circle is lacking, and being that I work and have other such responsibilities to take care of, I don't often get out into 'the scene.' Now, that being said, I'm not a 'scene' kind of girl to begin with, generally. I avoid clubs and the strip like the plague; I'm much more of a sit at the bar, have a drink and/or shoot pool, go do something active sort of person, which only makes meeting people more difficult than it would normally be. That and I take online classes, which automatically means I don't spend nearly enough time out in public. At least, not enough time to find myself someone worth my effort unless I rely on dumb luck.

More to the point, I've been chased to the world of internet dating, where the men may or may not actually be six foot three with blond hair and blue eyes and may, in fact, look like a hedgehog mated with Chewbacca ... Where they freely admit they are nerds but don't tell you the truly awful bits about their nerdiness, as in they may live in their mother's basement and spend more time playing WoW than talking with actual human beings in a face-to-face manner.

It's this disconnect that makes me think that perhaps, just perhaps, internet dating is not, while one of the only options that has availed itself to me as a means of meeting new people, a very good idea. The social and societal problems that stem from people who are too awkward to communicate in a tete-a-tete fashion also make these same people eager to communicate via the interwebs . . . and thus makes me one of those apparently strange people who is using an interwebs-based dating site and who is not in the slightest socially awkward.

So I'm a stranger in a strange land either way I slice it; I can be wonderfully social and rad in person, but I don't get out much and clubs - especially those "hip and happening" places are populated with people I absolutely loathe 99.9% of the time - are out of the question and make me uncomfortable, but those people that I meet via the interwebs also make me uncomfortable and are generally people who I believe to be nice, interesting, etc... but can't seem to function as normal members of society.

I suppose I need to find some weird middle-ground where there are acceptable (or at least appear to be acceptable) men who are not interested only in leveling-up with their characters and perhaps sneeking a peek at my bewbs, but also a place that isn't full of people who value the thousand-dollar pair of high heels they'll wear once and throw away because, well, they've been worn once.

There has to be a better way for me to meet my potential other-half!


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