What Are Korean Kissing Rooms & Are They Cool?


Skirting anti-prostitution laws with a little paid kissing on the Korean Peninsula.

The Man, though, is having a hard time closing down these Kissing Rooms, because they happen to be clandestine and very security-conscious. Were I in law enforcement, I would track the shipments of Binaca and cold sore cream. According to people who keep these statistics, no one knows how many Kissing Rooms are out there, but it's said that massage parlors have doubled since the '04 crackdown on houses and other domiciles of ill repute. Despite being "illegal," it seems that many Asian cultures are tacitly okeedokee with prostitution. Read: Koreans and Their Three-Year Itch

And before you begin casting stones, let me remind you that these United States, particularly our treasured state fairs, have a long and colorful history of a corollary to Kissing Rooms: kissing booths. Sororities and various other women-intensive organizations have long used the kissing booth for fund-raising and merry-making. While I have never seen a kissing booth, I have heard them referenced in literature and cinema. Read: 5 Reasons Kissing Is Good For You


If the Koreans keep struggling with Kissing Rooms, I believe we will have a new subject for the next picture from star of song and film Rain: Kiss Of The Hidden Kissing Room.

Note: I would like to point out that Rain is both the Justin Timberlake and the Jet Li of South Korea. So he's a pretty big deal.

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