Top 10 Breakup Songs Of 2009


breakup songs
These songs got us through a year's worth of heartache.









4. "I And Love And You" by The Avett Brothers

The title track of folk/country duo The Avett Brothers' major label debut was featured on the CW's One Tree Hill. This mournful, chills-inducing duet tells the story of a man looking for refuge because "three words that became hard to say/I and love and you."


5. "Zero" by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This song's angsty, nervous energy and Karen O wailing "You're a zeeero" makes us want to head bang the anger right out our system. Dumped? 10 Healthy Ways To Heal



6. "Gives You Hell" by The All-American Rejects

This fun, vengeful song reaches the bitter part of you that wants to see your ex suffer—while you stand there laughing. 


7. "Heartless" by Kanye West

The spare, repetitive beat and Kanye's auto-tuned voice remind us of that bleak, robotic period after a break up when all you can do is ask questions ("How could you be so cold? How could you be so heartless?").

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