What It’s Like to Chill W MLADIC


NATO, Kosovo&Metohia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and persons of
interest such as Mladic and Hacim Thaci (Albanian Leader of the Kosovo
Liberation Army).  It was not enough for my merely taking in nightly
news reports from CNN and other mainstream American media; to conduct
an investigation for inquiry of social fact, I needed to go to Serbia
and investigate for myself.


Only after seeing firsthand the goings on in the Balkans could I make a
discriminate determination of guilty parties insofar as genocide
there.   After my fateful month long trip to Serbia and Montenegro in
the fall 2002 I later concluded all warring parties involved had blood
on their hands (Croats, Serbs, Muslims and the NATO); there are no
innocents.  But in 2001, neither my finances nor busy schedule allowed
such a trip.  Moreover, not speaking fluent Serbian coupled with the 
anti-American sentiment existing in Serbia then listed on the United
States Department of State travel warning website caused going to there
an unfeasible option.  Hence, my life and studies went on as usual.

Several seasons went by and now it was spring 2001.  Darko and his wife
Bojana had time off which they spent visiting friends and family in
Serbia for about two weeks.  Because of this Darko was unable to
function in full diplomatic capacity.  In spring 2001 there was a
preparatory commission meeting of plenipotentiaries to establish an
international criminal court at the United Nations in New York City. 
Topics of the meeting included but were not limited to defining
interstate acts of aggression, court financing etc..  Darko asked me if
I would sit in for him at the meeting taking as many notes possible
owing to the Law Projects Center possessing United Nations
accreditation as a NGO (non governmental organization) with full
observer status at the United Nations;  I acceded.

faxed me all necessary paperwork enabling my application attendance at
this crucial meeting; I filled out the necessary forms and faxed them
to the appropriate United Nations office for approval.     It was an
extremely exciting time for me.  My close friend and colleague, Arnold
Stark (History professor and Columbian University PhD) drove me into
Manhattan walking me through the United Nations main entrance and
security the day of attendance.      Professor Stark himself was an old
foreign service man from way back in the day and he told me I never
looked as professionally sharp as I did on that day; I wore a navy blue
pin striped suit.  I must admit, I looked good.    

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