What It’s Like to Chill W MLADIC


I worked fervently legally registering the organization  in New Jersey
as a legally filed non-profit successfully.      The Law Projects
Center and its activities demanded Darko, his wife and I often stayed
the night over each others’ apartments often; many times working days
at a time with very little sleep.  From winter (1999) until fall
(2002), Darko, his wife and I worked daily at the Bosnian Mission to
the United Nations in New York City co-authoring two books: 1) The
Bosnian Model of Al-Qaeda Terrorism and; 2) The Srebrenica Massacre. 
As a young student of war and peace in the former Yugoslavia, I was in
scholarly heaven accessing the United Nations to work with Darko
daily.  This enabled my meeting many of the most fascinating people in
the world.  I vividly remember Senator Bill Richardson at the time
giving nightly press interviews on television about meeting with OPEC
members states, “setting them straight about lowering oil prices in
2000.”  Yet when I’d chit-chat with the Iranian ambassador in the city
before class asking him about it he would say to me something to the
effect as,” We at OPEC are so angry about former  colonialism by
England and America, OPEC will continually attempt bringing both the
United States and England to their financial knees on  energy
issues…And by the way Jill, Russia does not in any manner intend to
halt weapon sales to Iran.” 

In fact Amir and I, notwithstanding our theological differences, got
alone well.  We’d often sit together before class acceding on a great
many matters.  In particular I remember us sitting one night and
looking me square in the eye stating, “You know Jill, I will never
believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.”  I replied, “And I Amir
will never convert to Islam.” Now that we got that out of the way, we
both smiled at one another getting  down to discussing real issues.
The Bosnian mission to the United Nations in New York City in 2001 was
an extremely interesting place.  Reflecting the rotating ethnic
presidency existing in Bosnia unto present, Mission employees were
comprised of people of completely bipolar ethnic, theological and
politically ideological viewpoints. 

    The Head Ambassador
of the Mission post 9-11 was then combating rumors of his soon becoming
persona non grata in the United States for allegedly giving Osama Bin
Laden a visa to travel through Bosnia illegally when previously
stationed in Italy in 1993.  There were also rumors he confessed to the
United States Department of State of running international arms trades
in connection with Al-Qaeda.

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