What It’s Like to Chill W MLADIC


    I was attending Montclair State University for
one semester that summer so when Nikola call me in about a week for
lunch I recommended we meet at about 4pm at the 6 Brothers Diner on
Route 46 by the university. Nikola never made any unwanted advances
towards me and we just like to chat about war and peace.  He told me,
‘Jill, I like to come talk with you because I can trust you. I can let
down my hair so to speak with you and not worry about you wire tapping
me or stabbing me in the back.” I thanked him for his compliment and
company. He told me his daughter lived in Tarrytown New York and when
we parted that day, he told me this is where he was headed. He gave me
his business card bearing his name, Nikola Sainovic. I forget the
business it listed, it might have just said Prime Minister but I think
it said something else politically related but I can’t remember now. I
took it and thanked him.  Whomever I did meet, they also gave me photos
and showed me a brief portfolio of their news ideas in the space saving
architecture and additionally gave me some photos of their work and a
business card for what I remember as a German PASSOS company.  It had
to be be Nikola.  We actually had a great chat about what I thought
about his new architectural ideas. I loved them telling Nikola I
believed he would be extremely successful in his new endeavors. I think
we may have had lunch one additional time and then I never heard from
him again.

    Darko arrived first, his very beautiful wife,
Bojana, arrived as expected about one month later after he was
settled.  Darko greatly impressed me at the time.  Being a former
political advisor to the to the former female President of the Republic
of Srpska in Bosnia, he had a degree in international law, diplomatic
immunity, was a writer, handsome, was extremely brilliant and fun to
just hang-out with and work.  The three of us became extremely close
friends and confidants.
I even became voted in as the
executive director of the Law Projects Center Yugoslavia in New York . 
The Law Projects Center was a United Nations accredited NGO and
offshoot of the Yugoslav Coalition to Establish and international
criminal court.  Darko and some political people originally founded the
organization in Belgrade Serbia prior his arrival in New York City in
diplomatic capacity.

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