What It’s Like to Chill W MLADIC



One of those people was, Darko Trifunovic. Darko and I were e-mailing
each other regularly by early spring (1999) at which time he informed
me that he became the newly appointed First Secretary of the Bosnian
Mission to the United Nations in New York City and wondered whether I
would pick him up at JFK airport when he arrives in a few weeks;  I

    Another event in my life occurring in Manhattan
in late spring (1999) was chance meeting Nikola Sainovic; Slobodan
Milosevic’s former Deputy Serbian Prime Minister. It just so happened I
was in the city attending Ramsey Clark’s anti-NATO lectures immediately
after NATO’s bombing campaign against the former Yugolsavia began.  I
was walking up to the main lecture building and paused at the door
momentarily to examine how to enter and where to go when Nikola walked
up for me , surprising me from behind, he said “hello, are you here for
the lecture also“? I replied “yes.” I was shy, but Nikola kept the
conversation going as we walked into the building together discussing
the horrendous actions the NATO was currently undertaking against his
country in Serbia.  Although I did not know then who exactly he was, he
was handsome, educated and he wore a very sharp brown suit, tie and
wore glasses. His identity is unmistakable to me now viewing the photos
of him sitting in the Hague currently awaiting his own trial for
complicity in war crimes.   During the lecture intermission he again
came over to speak with me and asked me my telephone number stating
he’d like to get together and talk sometime with me while he was in
town; I acceded.


It was not long after Ramsey Clark’s lecture that Nikola called me and
we agreed to have dinner together at the Peking House in Butler NJ on
Route 23.  He met me at the restaurant and we enjoyed a great dinner
and lively conversation regarding American diplomacy and politics
between the United States, NATO and Serbia.  After dinner he asked me
if there was somewhere quite we both could go to continue talking and
being shy about men and their intentions, I told him since it was a
beautiful summer’s evening, I suggested we drive up 23 North into West
Milford NJ where there was a lovely “rest stop” where we could sit down
on the picnic table chairs and continue our conversation together.

He offered to drive me up to the spot in his fancy brown Jaguar.  I had
never really been in a Jaguar before and it drove really smooth. 
Nikola and I spent several hours just chatting about Serbia and the
illegal NATO actions undertaken against his country and when we
commenced, he drove me back to my car waiting by the restaurant and we
decided we would meet again for lunch in about a week; he would give me
call soon.

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