What It’s Like to Chill W MLADIC


It all began as former United States President Bill Clinton spearheaded
NATO’s war against Serbia, Montenegro and Slobodan Milosevic (March
1999).  Thirty-five years old, conducting graduate study work at the
New School for Social Research in New York City in political science, 
I planned graduating spring 1999 with an area study emphasis in
international law and human rights.  I was naïve then, still believing
strongly in democratic liberal concepts such as freedom of academic
thought.  Hence, I never anticipated my political views would impede
either my graduation or completing my master’s thesis work on whether
NATO member states committed gross violations of customarily accepted
international criminal law in launching military aggression against
Serbia and Montenegro owing to not acquiring United Nations Security
Counsel approval prior.

Then as hit with the identical smart bomb dropped on Milosevic’s
presidential palace in Serbia the night of April 22nd 1999, political
science chairperson then at the New School, Professor David Plotke,
summoned me into his office before class that evening and dismissed me
from the master’s program at the New School owing to what he considered
my possessing unsavory political science opinions. 

having to complete two more classes to graduate, I always thought my
future in political sciences as wide open with innumerous
possibilities; unfortunately this proved untrue.  Plotke told me in no
uncertain terms that I was not the type of person the New School wanted
walking around with a degree stating the New School’s prestigious name
on it.

    Ironically, the New School was an institution I
attended only owing to its’ placing great pride and emphasis on
allowing students complete academic freedom of thought without
dictating what is and what is not politically correct to discuss.  Yet
surprisingly, dismissal from the program and blow to my graduate work
should not been completely unexpected since the semester immediately
prior, the school refused allowing me to conduct my graduate thesis
work on the subject of whether the NATO and Bill Clinton committed war
crimes against the former Yugoslavia during the Kosovo war (1999) and
internally suggested I write about infringement of Muslim human rights
in France. 

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