The Top 10 Sex Scandals Of 2009


tiger woods sex scandal
The steamiest scandals of the year.

7. Roman Polanski's Arrest in Switzerland
Though the crime was committed in the 1970s, Oscar-winning director and American fugitive Roman Polanski was finally taken into custody earlier this year, forcing him to face old statutory rape charges. Way back when, Polanski pled guilty to drugging and raping a minor, but then fled the country after serving only part of his sentence. He is now under house arrest.

8. Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane
Gawker first leaked the footage of this couple frolicking topless in a hot tub with female friend Kari An Peniche. Visually it was quite tame, but two girls + a naked McSteamy + a video camera = one racy sex scandal. Threesomes: A User's Guide


9. Silvio Berlusconi's Private Life
Throughout 2009 numerous women claimed that Italy's Prime Minister recruited them for intimate, sometimes paid, evenings. While the PM acknowledged that he's "no saint," the notorious ladies' man hasn't acknowledged any wrongdoing. Nonetheless, news of his romps with escorts and underage women have dominated the headlines in Italy since the scandal broke in June.

10. Josh Duhamel and Alleged Stripper Nicole Forrester 
Although Josh and Fergie refuse to acknowledge the story, Nicole Forrester, a stripper who allegedly gave Duhamel a lap dance and then slept with him, can't stop talking to the press. Is she telling the truth? It kills us to think that the hot Duhamel would need to pay for sex.

What scandal most shocked you this year?

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