Simple Yet Overlooked Methods For Finding Dates


double date
Single and tired of it? Date aggressively!

5. Get a Wingwoman

Single gals need to stick together. And not just to wallow in self-pity, watch romantic comedies, or badmouth your mutual married friends. On the contrary, your friendship can be a powerful man-meeting vehicle. By teaming up, you can be in two places at once. Unless, of course, you're actually both in the same place. But I digress…


Your wingwoman is your go-to girl. She advocates for you at all times, and you for her. Because chances are (well, at least we hope), you won't be interested in the same man. You know that guy at work who's a little too short for you? Well, he's the perfect size for your friend, right? So match them up! Then, when she's in a position to do so, she'll do the same. Go to each other's work functions, blind date together, double your network and, at the end of the day, laugh together about the ridiculousness of it all.

6. Yikes! I Think I Like My Coworker

Sometimes, it just happens. No matter how much you try to remember it's a better idea to keep your personal life separate from your professional one, when you spend 40, 50, maybe even 60 — or more — hours a week around the same group of people (especially eligible bachelors), it's no big surprise that you can get to know them quite well. And when you're single … and he's single … you might just develop a little workplace crush. Or more.

While most people, especially HR managers, would discourage you from pursuing it, sometimes you just can't deny your feelings. And if you're both on the same page, are willing to accept the consequences (What happens if you break up?), and can leave the romantic aspect of your relationship at home while at work, then you might just have yourself a match.

Written by Anna Hennings and Tania Khadder for Excelle

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