20 Single Habits To Keep When You're In Love


Fight off codependence with these 20 solo activities to do even when you're coupled up.

9) Music lessons.

Because you have dreams of starting a ukulele band called Folkin' Hot.


10) Disco bowling.

Because when there's dance music playing—and strobe lights flashing—no one cares that you own your own pair of bowling shoes.

11) Hang gliding.

Or sky diving. Or bungee jumping. Or zip cording. Because it's fun to find being with your partner's not the only thing that can take your breath away.

12) Volunteering.

It will still make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, even if he can't get away from work to join you this time.

13) Going back to school.

Non-credit classes are low-pressure and can help you get ahead in your career.

14) Shaking your booty.

Because the only dancing you do with your S.O. is at weddings, and it's just not the same. Dancing Can Improve Your Relationship

15) Posing for a nude portrait.

It will make you love yourself a little more. Plus, it makes a great gift! Prude to Nude: Learning to Love My Womanly Parts

16) Shopping.

Because there's nothing worse than watching him wait patiently while you stand in a 20-person dressing room line.

17) The latest art-house film.

There are those who hate subtitles and those who don't. And you've always hated being dragged to the latest wham-bam-blowup action flick because he thinks you owe him for making him watch subtitles, which he hates.

18) Taking a spa day.

Because it's all about you... and your back's been killing you.

19) Catching up with the fam.

They'll feed you.

20) Booking a weekend getaway.

Because there ain't no mountain high enough... ain't no valley low enough... ain't no distance far enough... to keep you from spending another night in with your partner.

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