Lindsay Lohan's Looney Love Life


Lindsay Lohan's Looney Love Life
Pursuing John Mayer? Dating Kevin Connolly? Stealing Jessica Alba’s man? Reconciling with SamRo?

Finally, the most juicy tidbit comes from Us Weekly, which claims that Linz was caught seriously making out with Jessica Alba's husband, Cash Warren, last month. LiLo has dismissed the report as "absurd," while those pesky anonymous sources insist that Lindsay "becomes easily attached to everyone she meets" and is likely falling for the married man. Another source close to Cash simply says, "This is not true. He's a husband and a father."

Well, sure. But so is Tiger Woods. And David Letterman. And Sean Penn. We're not accusing anyone of anything, but it's certainly not unheard of for famous men to step out on their wives. And it's certainly not unheard of for Lindsay to fall for the wrong person. Lindsay Lohan Was Dating Heath Ledger When He Died


Supposedly, Linz is in therapy now so hopefully she sticks with it and gets help for her countless problems. Maybe one day she'll remember that she actually has talent and get back to the business of making movies, giving up tabloid space to those who desperately need it, like Kim Kardashian and Audrina Patridge.

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